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  • We grow your retail investor community
  • They grow the value of your stock
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We Manage your Investor Community Outreach and Growth

RetailInvest is an investor community management agency helping public companies to manage their relationships with individual investors We helped a number of companies to attract attention of investor community.

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RetailInvest - Best Investor Community Management Agency

Helping Manage

Helping companies manage individual investor relations

Attention of the Investors

Helped many companies to attract the attention of the investor community


A Few Points:

Stocks with the highest chance of success tend to have low share prices, typically under $25 a share, and be lightly traded. Low share prices allow small-time traders to more easily accumulate stakes and can sometimes signify cheap valuations. Share prices of lightly traded stocks can more easily be pushed higher or lower than shares of stocks that are more frequently traded.

The sales pitch matters as well. Savvy promoters set conservative goals for returns, pick risky companies that can generate buzz and turn technical details into meme-ready messages.

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Website is the Main Information Source for Investors

STAGE 1 (initial version)

- User friendly
- Brief company and pipeline description
- Easy to sign up form
- Team information
- Links to the project’s official social media accounts
- Community management contacts
- Highlights from the popular media about the company
(market, product, - growth, news, opportunities
- Science simply explained

STAGE 2 (ready to start PR campaign)

- Latest updates (media, PR, company news, partnerships, etc)
- Contacts: Reddit, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter


- Investor deck
- Links to Media coverage
(industry, investor and company vertical media)


- Explanatory video (2-3 minutes)

How does it Work?


  • 1. Discover
    An investor discovers news about a certain public company on social media.
  • 2. Research
    The investor is looking for more information on this specific company.
  • 3. Invest
    When certain confidence is reached an investor is ready to purchase stock and watch its growth
  • 4. Engage
    An investor shares stock growth on social media.


  • Provide information
    Our Media Kit contains web pages, PR, News, Social Media engagement
  • Answer questions
    Our community managers are ready to answer any questions an investor might have
  • Manage
    Our community managers are actively involved in social media discussions to manage conversations
  • Advertise
    We create targeted advertising that reaches the audience.

Sequence of Investors


Step 1

Traders become involved


Step 2

Small retail investors start buying stock


Step 3

High-Net individuals buy stock


Step 4

Equity funds buy stock

Investor Community Management


Professional Investor Community Management Service is one of the key aspects of investor marketing. It has a dramatic impact on investor engagement Main communication channels: Reddit, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Twitter. 24/7 community management requires a team of 4-6 working in 2-3 shifts day and night. To facilitate the work of Investor Community Management service, a detailed FAQ will be created. Our team members will rely to communicate to the investor community. Messaging and content for FAQ will be reviewed by the clients’ executive and legal teams. A short version of FAQ will be published on the website.

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